NRM Telecom & Security Services is very pleased to announce that we are now providing Criminal Record Background Checks

NRM Telecom & Security Services is very pleased to announce that we are now providing Criminal Record Background Checks (CBC’s) and Expedited Fingerprint based services for Vulnerable Sector or Fingerprint based applications.

The simple Criminal Background Checks (CBC’s) will be provided within a 4 hour turnaround timeline (Industry best) to undertake this growing line of business requirement.

The costs for three levels of this expedited service for Criminal Background Checks(CBC’s) will be $CDN

  • CBC (CPIC) ? $45 plus taxes
  • CBC (CPIC) with Declaration ?$55 plus taxes
  • CBC (CPIC) Premium ?$65 plus taxes

with these service offerings fitting very nicely into our NRM Telecom & Security Services” portfolio of products. These are found under our “Services” section with Credit Card payment options – all on line. The actual Certificate can be emailed (which is acceptable as proof) and then original mailed to the applicant – if they so wish.

Background – Today, most folks go to the Local Police Station, line up, provide info and payment, then return in weeks to pick up their Certificate! (no matter if it is in person or applied for online). This is not, nor should it ever be, one of the Police forces core business focuses! NRM Telecom & Security Services sees this line of business going to be a great growth vehicle for us as a great assistance to the local police forces to get at their regular tough duties.

NRM Telecom & Security Services would like to perform this work for you and your firm as I see this being a very economical and super efficient way to get out the delay in hiring those blue chip employees as these background security checks are becoming starting points for many needs (employment, requirements such as employers not taking the risks of not having these background checks performed – now in a timely (<4 hrs) manner!

Thank you for checking this out – watch for us for all your Security needs!