Criminal Background Checks (CBC’s)

Please note:

Criminal Background Checks & Fingerprinting Services are now completed through our subsidiary company FASTCHECK Criminal Record & Fingerprinting Specialists.  Please visit our website for the same great services!  Thank you!


NRM Telecom & Security Services (NRM) provides on-line criminal record background checks (record check by name and date of birth only and not fingerprint based)) with results within 4 hours. These are fundamental for the purposes of employment, visa applications and foreign travel / work permits.  All applicants are welcome with no restrictions on your place of residence. All results are strictly confidential and are released directly back to the applicant unless otherwise requested by signing a third party consent waiver form “NRM CBC (Criminal Background Check) CPIC Consent Form”. The check searches the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database for relevant criminal record information and/or the existence of a CPIC record. The CPIC database is a compilation of police information and court decisions. Information collected in the CPIC database includes individuals who:

  • have a criminal record for any Criminal Code or other Federal Statute offence and/or
  • have been judged not criminally responsible for an offence because of mental disorder and/or
  • have federal and/or provincial charges pending and/or
  • are on probation or subject to a Prohibition Order.

NRM Telecom & Security Services is available to process Regular CBC (CPIC), Regular CBC (CPIC) with Declaration and Premium CBC (CPIC) checks from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CST M-F or on special requests, excluding statutory holidays. NB: Vulnerable sector checks can only be performed for positions located within Canada. You must go to your local Police agency as a first step to this process. No agencies are authorized to perform vulnerable sector checks for positions located outside of Canada. This rule applies even if the person will be working for a Canadian organization.

How to Get your Criminal Background Check

NOTE – this is not for vulnerable sector checks Please complete the following:

Step 1

Print off and fill in the NRM CBC (Criminal Background Check) Consent Form filled out and Witnessed by the HR Dept authority or person of authority, Declaration of Criminal Record (if that applies to you) plus color scans of two(2) pieces of valid government issued identification of which at least one must be a photo ID. Scan the form(s) and the 2 pieces of ID in color and send to Identification required: The following are types of acceptable identification.

  • Driver’s Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, Status Card and Nexus card

Notes: · All identification must be current and not expired.

Step 2

Prior to submitting information attachments, Payment must be made. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal payments.